Ikea Lack Table 3d Printer Enclosure

I decided to re purpose the ikea lack coffee table into an enclosure for my 3d printer. Drilled a 10mm hole for the filament tube to go through the lack table.

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There is a short piece of bowden tube guiding the filament trough the printed part.

Ikea lack table 3d printer enclosure.

If you search online youll find dozens of ikea lack enclosure designs.
Instructables phatima all you need is lack the main parts that are needed for the enclosure are two ikea lack tables that will serve as the enclosure frame and four acrylic sheets of the corresponding dimension 400cm x 45cm.
Using ikea lack as an enclosure is the most popular choice among the 3d printing community.

You find this 3d printer enclosure on instructables image.
It makes use of the popular ikea lack table and turns two of them into a nice 3d printer enclosure to be able to print materials that would otherwise be difficult to print.
No issues just use some 8cm screws through the bottom top before applying the legs for stiffening.

I have been using two ikea lack tables stacked for 3d printing tables for 25 years now.
Its a well known hack that when stacked among other things the lack is the perfect size for the original prusa i3 mk 2 printer and most i3 style printers and.
Since the z rod hit the bottom of the the 2nd table i needed to print more pieces to raise the table by 2cm.

The table can be bought for under 10 and has almost the perfect size for prusa printers.
Norwegianmaker wrote at 7312015 93932 am.
Dirt sheep got mine for 25 on sale.

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