Label The Indicated Parts Of The Microscope

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Label the indicated parts of the microscope.

Useful as a means to change focus on one eyepiece so as to correct for any difference in vision between your two eyes.
Explain the proper technique for transporting the microscope.
Start studying label parts on microscope.

Start studying microscope labeling.
Cell organelle labels 20 terms.
Hold the slide in place on the stage.

In addition to knowing the names of the parts of the compound light microscope you also need to know the functions of these parts.
Drag and drop the text labels onto the microscope diagram.
This activity asks you to label the parts of a typical compound light microscope.

The three main parts of the microscope are the mechanical parts magnifying parts and the illuminating parts.
Avoid swinging the instrument during its transport and jarring the instrument when setting it down.
The following statements are true or false.

Care and structure of the compound microscope 1.
Label all indicated parts of the microscope.
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Supports the slide where the specimen is being viewed.
Holds the objective lenses and allows the lenses to rotate for viewing.
What is life 1 28 terms.

The eyepiece usually contains a 10x or 15x power lens.
Controls the amount of light passing through the opening of the stage.
Labeling the parts of the microscope.

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You can view a more in depth review of each part of the microscope here.
When transporting the microscope hold it in an upright position with one hand on its arm and the other supporting its base.

Here are the important microscope parts.
Each microscope layout both blank and the version with answers are available as pdf downloads.
Label the parts 12 terms.

Switch condensor and diphragm.
All microscopes share features in common.
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In this interactive you can label the different parts of a microscope.
Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools.
Drag the label to the appropriate part of the microscope.

Supports and stabilizes the microscope.
Use this with the microscope parts activity to help students identify and label the main parts of a microscope and then describe their functions.
Ocular lenses rotating nosepiece objective lenses stage mechanical stage iris diaphragm lever condenser substage light head arm power switch light control coarse adjustment knob fine adjustment knob base 2.

If true write t on the answer blank.
Projects or reflects light upward through the diaphragm.

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