Label Parts Of The Neuron

The dendrites the cell body and the axon. Neurons generally transport signals in one direction from the dendrites through the soma along the axon and unto the terminal buttons.

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Neuron Synapse

Sensory neurons are the ones that are activated by external stimuli in the environment.

Label parts of the neuron.

This brain part controls thinking.
4 axon cell body dendrites nucleus terminal ends.
Supports and maintains the functioning of the neuron.

Dendrites are fibrous roots that branch out from the cell body.
1 axon cell body dendrites nucleus terminal ends.
Neurons contain the same cellular components as other body cells.

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The cell body produces proteins needed for the construction of other parts of the neuron.
There are three basic parts of a neuron.

An axon is a long tail like structure which joins the cell body at a specialized junction called.
When you press on your arm sensory.
The support structures of the cell include mitochondria.

Think of the cell body as a small factory that fuels the neuron.
Also known as a soma the cell body is the neurons core.
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The central cell body is the process part of a neuron and contains the neurons nucleus associated cytoplasm organelles and other cell structures.
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Dendrites recieve the message and transfer it to cell body the cell body process the message if relevant to pass or act upon axon works under control of cell body and usually transmit messages from cell body to other cell or neuron by making junctions with them.

Nervous system label the neuron.
This brain part controls balance movement and coordination.
Unmyelinated gaps in the myelin sheath that allows for movement of chemicals for impulse generation.

This part of the nervous system moves messages between the brain and the body.
3 axon cell body dendrites nucleus terminal ends.
2 axon cell body dendrites nucleus terminal ends.

The soma produces the proteins that the other parts of the neuron including the dendrites axons and synapses need to function properly.
This brain part controls involuntary actions such as breathing heartbeats and digestion.
Choose the correct names for the parts of the brain.

Parts of a neuron cell body.
1 axon cell body dendrites nucleus terminal ends.

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